Chasey Lain in Wicked at Heart

It's just what you wanted. Wicked's wildly wanton star Chasey Lain is back, and she's here to show you how it's done. In three blistering scenes she'll demonstrate the talents that have made her adult's hottest new star. And that's not all. Check out the incredible D.P. and raunchy anal that have made Wicked legendary. It's all here. Wicked As She Seems. It's wicked as it gets. Starring Chasey Lain, Kaitlyn Ashley, Sindee Coxx, Tera Heart, P.J. Sparxx, Tom Byron, Peter North, Nick East, and Jay Ashley.

Busty beauty Chasey Lain gets fucked and her toes sucked

Scene #1 24 min 50 sec

As this scene unfolds we see busty Chasey walking into a shoe store, and she then has this salesman help her try on a few different shoes. While she is tring on shoes, the salesman walks in the backroom and begins to smell her shoe, then takes his cock and starts to jerk it with the shoe she was just wearing. After a few moments Chasey goes to see what happened to the salesman and finds him fucking her shoe. She then brings him into the other room, and spreads her legs and this guy begins to suck on her toes before starting to lick her tight....

Naughty redhead Micky Lynn gets her holes slammed Scene: Scene #2 15 min 54 sec

As this scene starts we see Chasey walk in a door and start to pep on this business man sitting at his desk. As she takes a closer look she see''s this naughty redhead Micky on her knees suck this guys cock. We then get a closer look and see Micky running her tongue up and down this guy hard cock. Then once his cock is hard and wet Micky then stands up and begins to strip her clothes, exposing her perky litlte tits. This guy instantly begins to....

Hotties Chasey Lain, Jill Kelly, and Sindee Coxx in an oil filled threesome

Scene: Scene #3 10 min 20 sec

The camera zooms out to start off this slippery scene, as we see Chasey laying down having oil poured all over her curvy body, by Jill and Sindee. As they cover her body in oil they begin to slide their hands over Chasey, before Sindee gets on top of her and rubs there tits together as Jill pours oil on her. Then once the other girls are oiled up Jill jumps in and slides her body against Chasey''s and Sindee''s as they spill oil all over her. Now oiled up Sindee begins to 69 with Chasey as Jill......

Buxom beauty P.J. Sparxx gets kinky before getting her pussy fucked

Scene: Scene #4 13 min 4 sec

Buxom beauty P.J. starts off this kinky scene with her big round ass bent over as this guy sticks a metal pipe in her tight ass, giving her an enema. After filling her ass with water, this guy tells her to hold in, and we then see P.J. crawling over to him as she sits on a toilet and she begins to suck his cock. She works his cock hard with her mouth and her hand sucking and jerking him, till his cock is hard and wet. He then tells her to get on all fours as he......

Stacked beauties Chasey Lain and Tera Heart in an anal threesome

Scene: Scene #5 14 min 3 sec

Stacked beauty Chasey walks in to this dimly lit room and sits down as we see a guy and busty Tera walk in. They both walk over to Chasey and begin to caress her nude body, then Chasey begins to suck this guys cock while Tera licks his ass. Then after a few moments of licking his ass Tera slide a finger inside and begins to fingering his ass, as Chasey continues to suck his cock and balls. Then Chasey lays back and this guys starts to eat her sweet pink pussy while Tera licks his.....