Chasey Lain in White Wedding

Chasey Lain plays as a call girl in "Wicked As She Seems". This leads to some problems between Chasey and Kaylan Nicole, her girlfriend and roommate. But the first scene starts out with Chasey dressed for the part meeting with two businessmen, Tom Byron and Peter North.

Chasey first pushes Tom and Peter into their chairs before giving them a nice strip tease. While she strips she lets both Tom and Peter touch and kiss her before Tom starts working her ass and pussy while spanking her a few times as she sucks Peter's cock. After some playing, Tom finally gets behind her and starts fucking her pussy doggy style. He then stops and allows Chasey to lie back while Peter takes his turn fucking her. Tom is next to her and she goes to work on his cock and balls. Chasey then goes back to fucking Tom one more time while sucking on Peter before finishing off fucking Peter. They both wind up cumming all over her nice tits to wrap up a great first scene for the movie. The acting is really good and the scene feels very natural and picks up at the right speed.

The next scene involves Tiffany Mynx losing a racquetball match to Cody Adams. She has to pay up and the scene begins right on the court with Cody stripping her down. He begins by eating her out and she puts her pussy right in his face. She then goes into sucking him off on all fours, and aside from the great blowjob she gives him the camera does a wonderful job of showing her ass off. Tiffany then gets up on top of Cody to fuck him before she gets on all fours and he fucks her in her pussy and then ass. This scene has a lot of intensity and winds up with Cody shooting all over her face with quite a bit going into her hair and eyes.

Chasey then returns home to meet with Kaylan. Kaylan's legs are amazing, and she plays a very good bitch in this movie by slapping Chasey with liver and onions when she sits on the kitchen counter. Kaylan then goes immediately to work with her fingers and mouth in Chasey's pussy. Chasey returns the favor before Kaylan goes back to work on her by licking and spanking her ass before some more pussy. Chasey then goes back to oral on Kaylan, licking her ass and pussy and throwing in a few fingers too. The girls then finally get down to 69'ing and Chasey does some great work fingering both Kaylan's holes, before this extremely hot scene ends up with some sensual kissing. The chemistry here is amazing and its one of those lesbian scenes that works perfectly and is hot enough with no toys involved.

Skip ahead to the last scene, where T.T. Boy and Chasey get down to business. She strips for T.T. Boy on the racquetball court and comes up to the glass with him on the other side. This is one of the most original shots I've seen as they start working each other to get really hot with the glass inbetween them before she walks around to the other side and gets right to work on his hard cock. He then starts eating her out and rubbing her pussy while she sits into a chair and then moves on to a counter. He then moves on to taking her from behind and going through multiple positions before cumming all over her tits to finish the scene.

This movie really focuses on the sex as opposed to plot. While normally there is a good mix of sex and plot, the sex is so hot that the lacking plot is almost there just to be able to get the movie from sex scene to next sex scene. Chasey does a great job in this movie and really stands out in every scene that has left fans wanting more and more of her. Wicked As She Seems is definitely for any person who just wants to see Chasey doing some amazing work with people that she seems to have great chemistry with. A must for a Chasey fan!

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