Chasey Lain in White Wedding Chasey Lain in White Wedding

Chasey Lain has always been one of my favorite porn stars. She is pure beauty with her volumptious body, those enchanting eyes, and her captivating smile. And after seeing White Wedding, my opinion of her as a porn star is only greater. Vivid’s White Wedding, is about a girl who keeps marrying the wrong person, so she tries and tries and tries again until finally she gets it right. The film starts off with Chasey walking down the aisle with Marc Wallace. After the wedding, it jumps forward six months where Chasey catches him with another women, Roxanne Hall in his recording studio. Marc begins fondling Roxanne when Nick East walks in. The two men argue a minute, and then Marc goes back to fondling Roxanne. But then Chasey comes in too catch her husband. Marc tries to deny the whole thing and walks over to Chasey. Instead of getting mad, Chasey starts ordering the girl to take of her clothes.

Before you know it, Nick East is getting it on with Roxanne and Chasey and Marc get down and dirty in the control booth. This scene features oral, blow jobs, and doggie style. Back on the boat with Ted, Chasey decides that if she could do it all over again, this time it would be very different. And different it was. Chasey gets married to the ravenous Jill Kelly. After the wedding the honeymoon begins. Chasey gives Jill oral and then finds a nice surprise under Chasey’s dress--a strap on dildo. She lays Chasey down on the table and begins giving her oral before straddling the dildo for a wild ride. It then flashes forward six months to find Jill Kelly cheating on Chasey with Dalny Marga. This scene only features oral, and cut a bit short in my opinion. After complaining to Nick East on his boat about Jill, she decides to give her another chance, but only to find her cheating with Steve Drake. This scene is one of my favorites. It starts out with Jill sitting on the table and Steve doing oral. Then they switch positions and Jill gives Steve a blow job. When she’s done, she lays him back and gets on top of him and rides him hard.

We now see Chasey walking down the aisle with Steve Drake, but just two months later Steve has a threesome with two Latino bombshells--Heather Lee and Lana Sans. This is an incredible sex scene taking place on the stairs. It features oral, fingers, blow job, girl/girl action, doggie style, and threesome action. But after walking in on the hot, steamy sex, Chasey leaves Steve too. Back on the boat with Nick East, she feels like she has lost all hope of finding love again, but only to find it with Nick. This is a pretty basic sex scene, however it did end with a great cum shot on Chasey’s face. So for all of you who wish you could have a chance to do things over, don’t miss Vivid’s White Wedding. :)

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