Chasey Lain in the Original Wicked Woman

What was Chasey Lain line before Vivid turned her into a mega star? Well you can see for yourself in the Original Wicked Woman, one of Chasey's first ever feature films. The movie is humorous and has some great fuck scenes to go with it. One of the best features of this movie is it was before Chasey got implants and you can see her and some of the other girls a bit more naturally rather than looking like some porn dolls. The only problematic parts come from technology back in 1993, but the movie itself is great quality and definitely worth it to buy.

The movie stars Chasey as a woman with an intelligent space ship that can also travel through time. She knows the earth is going to be destroyed because man has done a horrible job taking care of it, so she decides to go back in the past to try to change the future and put women in charge as men have made all the decisions that led the world to its current fate.

She first goes back to the dawn of time to meet Adam, played by Tom Byron, and try to train him better. He gets a little upset that Chasey got there first and that she would take the credit for everyone descending from her rather than him. Chasey cheers him up by giving him a great blowjob with a lot of good lip work from Chasey before letting him fuck her in the missionary position. Things get hotter as she goes cowgirl style on him before finally getting fucked doggie style so he can cum all over her perfect ass. This scene is probably second best in the movie due to the intensity from Chasey as you can see after Tom came that she was still hot, not to mention the entire scene was all around fun.

Next Chasey tries to help Cleopatra, played by Isis Nile. Julius Caesar, played by Steven St. Croix, is invading Egypt. When Steven arrives, he finds Isis tied up and kisses her all over her body. As he kisses her he begins to untie her. After being untied, she moves down to his cock to do give him a blowjob with some great use of her hand while looking up at him through some very pretty eyes. Through the scene you can see Isis take more and more control. First, she gives Steven a little control by fucking her doggie style by quickly moves on to cowgirl. She then gives a little bit back to Steven by letting him finish her off missionary style before cumming all over her face. The way they fuck can be looked at in a way about how Cleopatra wants to save Egypt from Caesar, which I thought was very interesting. There is also a lot of great chemistry in this scene but the best part of the movie is the next scene.

Joan of Arc, played by P.J. Sparxx gets a confidence boost when Chasey visits her next and they play in a pile of hay. This scene gets so hot that toys are not even needed. There is some real passion as both girls crawl all over each other to get at the parts they want, making this scene incredibly hot! This is one of those scenes that you really have to watch to experience what this review is talking about, the girls really go at this lesbian scene without a second thought and put their all into it. The ending of the scene was also really good and was not cut off too soon as with a lot of lesbian scenes as there is no money shot.

Next we cut to Marie Antoinette, played by Sahara Sands, who decides to stay in France rather than run and has some fun with Alex Sanders and Steve Hatcher. Steve fucks her first while she is sucking Alex's cock in a threesome that only gets better. They take turns and Alex begins to fuck her, and continues to a bit before Steve gets in her asshole and a great double-penetration scene takes place! The nice part is rather than just lying there and letting the guys fuck her, Sahara moves around a bit and really gets into getting both her holes fucked. The only thing actually lacking in this scene is it just couldn't be as hot as the one before it with Chasey and P.J.

Chasey then goes to visit Mata Hari next, played by Celeste, helping Beatrice Valle who plays a Countess, to romance a German general played by Woody Long. The idea is to get him to not go into war with France. Celeste gets right into the action and lets Woody work on her pussy while she works on Beatrice's. Woody gets right to the point and begins to fuck her, without even getting a blow job first. Both girls then move Woody to a couch so they can both orally please him before Celeste gets on top to get fucked again. The only problem here is to go with the story line, Beatrice should have been getting fucked as the French girl to try to persuade Woody more, rather than him fucking Celeste the whole time. Also, the lighting could have been slightly better but Celeste is so hot the scene managed to still be really great.

Lastly, Chasey comes to modern day to work on the current most influential woman. It turns out to be a rock star, Alexis DeVell. The girls play with each others tits for awhile before finally going into 69 mode and pleasuring each other at the same time. The only thing I didn't like was the scene didn't keep going! It felt a little short and I wanted to watch more of Chasey and Alexis going at it.

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