Chasey Lain in Scrue

Welcome to Scrue, the Paul Thomas film ode to the games lovers play. With the beautiful Chasey Lain, sexy newcomer Jill Kelly, smoldering Shelby Stevens, hot blonde Roxanne Hall and the stunning Asia Carrera as the characters surrounding this mystery of love. What's not a mystery is the heat of the competition. So pull up your chair for a hotly contested game of Scrue. Where every girl's a Plum... and everyone cuts the Mustard! Directed by Paul Thomas.

Scrue is a comical take off of the 80's movie Clue but this time EVERYONE does it. The movie starts off at a meeting of amateur deceives. The hostess of the meeting / get-to-gether is Miss Harlot (played by Asia Carrera). At this particular meeting they have invited a professional detective to speak and answer various questions, like what kind of clues to look for, what is actually involved in being a detective and things like that.

After the question and answers session, Miss Harlot goes to check on dinner while everyone wonders around the house. Detective GumShoe (played by Joey Silvera) goes upstairs to catch a few minutes of shut eye. Just as he gets to sleep he is awakened by the maid (played by Jill Kelly). But she isn't coming to clean the room. In fact she was sent up by Miss Harlot to make sure Detective GumShoe is having a good time - and boy does he!

He pulls out his camera and starts to take pictures while she slowly and sensuously undresses. But before she can complete this task, Detective GumShoe joins in for some hands on experience. While fucking the maid doggie style, Detective GumShoe thinks he hears someone else having an explosive orgasm but he's so into his own sex he just blows it off and actually blows his load on the maid's ass.

Afterwards he decides to go and check out what that noise was he heard. When he goes downstairs he finds Miss Harlot dead in a chair, half naked and apparently fucked to death. Although sad, this is actually where the fun begins ...

Before you can figure out who did what with whom,
you need to know who's involved in the game.

Detective GumShoe decides to figure out who fucked Miss Harlot to death. He goes into the kitchen where he finds Professor Come. She says that she was busy with Colonel Bastard. He then goes into the hall where he finds Mr. Cream. He tells Detective GumShoe that he was showing Miss Whip his "lead pipe". He then goes into the bedroom where he finds Connie Lingus. She said she was tied up with Colonel Bastard.

Detective GumShoe listens to her story (played out for you visually of course) and then thinks to himself, how is it possible for that Bastard to get around and get off with so quick?

Next Detective GumShoe runs into Miss Whip sitting on the stairs where she tells the detective about her experience with Professor Come. This hot lesbian story turned the detective on but it also gave him an idea as to who might have "done it".

So who was it? Well, you'll have to watch and find out!