Chasey Lain in Nymph

Chasey plays as Daphne, a sexy water Nymph who goes around fucking every hot guy she sees! The movie also stars Jill Kelly, Tracy Love, Kirsty Waay, Kitty Monroe, Vince Voyeur, Tom Byron, Alex Sanders and Bobby Vitale.

The movie gets right to work with Chasey following Bobby Vitale right into the shower after the credits. The scene is incredibly hot as the water flows out while Chasey sucks off Bobby. There is really great camera work as Bobby then licks Chasey's clit. The scene goes full-throttle with Chasey riding Bobby's cock, getting it doggy style, and ends with a great shot of Bobby cumming all over Chasey's tits.

Next scene, Tracy Love, Kitty Monroe, and Kirsty Waay start going at it. Monroe and Love are nymphs like Chasey, and are trying to get Kirsty out of the picture so that Chasey can make a move on her husband, Vince Voyeur. The great part about this scene is while you have an awesome threesome of the girls licking each others tits, pussies, and assholes, Chasey is watching them and fingering herself the entire time. Chasey does some great solo action, body writhing in ecstasy as she watches the other three have their lesbian fun. There is also some great anal action with a strap-on, making the first two scenes of this absolutely mind and cock blowing, but hopefully you can hold out for the rest of the movie.

The next scene though will make you want to cry that this is Chasey's final film. She appears in front of Vince Voyeur and morphs into pretty much every chick in the film trying to find the one that best pleases him. He chooses Chasey though and one of the most amazing blowjobs follows. Chasey takes Vince fully into her mouth, all the way down the shaft with his balls too! He then proceeds to fuck the hell out of her, with some acrobatics only Chasey could do such as one foot on the ground and one foot over his shoulder as he fucks her. He finishes off shooting all over her ass.

Later on, Jill Kelly, Chasey, and Tom Byron have a great threesome. There is some great lesbian work going on as Tom fucks them both. A strap-on is also introduced at the perfect time and watching Chasey and Jill work together was just a delight.

With all this in the movie, anyone who likes Chasey and isn't already planning on getting this movie or already has it is simply crazy. But if you aren't convinced, I will say this, Chasey's last sex scene is one of the most incredible scenes in any porno movie and also one of the most memorable. It is a huge orgy of the cast and even some who hadn't appeared before in the movie. I won't ruin it for you though, you'll just have to watch the movie ;)

The camera and lighting in this film is perfect. Picking Paul Thomas for Chasey's last movie was definitely not a mistake. The angles are great and one thing I also found to my taste was the sound was perfect. You never have to turn the volume up or down depending on the situation, and the stereo sound quality is crisp and clear. So on top of great sex, you get the added bonus of never fumbling with the remote while trying to take care of business! Not buying this video is simply a crime against the porn industry, it is one of Chasey's best performances and she clearly went out on top in this film!