Chasey Lain in House on Chasey Lain

Its just a little odd to see adult movies making fun of the quality of another genre, but this send up of B-grade erotic thrillers is right on mark. Here are the stiff acting, the moronic plots and the any-excuse-for-a-nude-scene narrative gimmicks.

Basically, the story is about a man and a woman (Chasey Lain and Peter North) who rent a house in which a rock band died. They dont know this at first, thanks to the machinations of wily realtor (Jeanna Fine). But after a while strange things starts to happen, things which invariably lead to wicked erotic action. Chasey is one of the most beautiful women in adult films, and her performance here is one of her personal bests. (If you have ever seen Chasey try to act before you will know what I mean when you watch this video - I think the girl has been taking some acting classes - THANK GOD)

Chasey Lain was looking very hot in her tight little shorts and half shirt - You know a girl is hot when she can make a backwards baseball cap look sexy. Unfortunately there was only one sex scene with her.

Bridgette Monroe was the hottest performer in the movie. She has the most beautifull pussy lips that I have ever seen and the camera man was kind enough to give us lots of footage. Jeanna Fine was okay, but I think she is way over rated. She always seems lost in her words (terrible verbal nasties).

The film was well done. Plot was average, but the women were hot (and hey, isn't that what counts). The lighting was well done and I never strained to see clear pussy shots. Audio levels were properly maintained and the only thing I didn't like about this movie was the fast fowarding plot.

This movie very much turned me on! And I really like the outdoor scene with Bridgette Monroe. This movie is a must! I give this movie a great rating! Even Siscol and Egbert would have given it two dicks up!