Chasey Lain in Hawaii

Chasey Lain looks terrific in a bikini (but who didn't know that?!!). Dyanna Lauren only has one scene with Colt that ends in an anal. Can't really complain. I've seen a lot of Dyanna, and must say this is really one girl that doesn't get the credit she deserves - she has been consistently a hot performer doing scenes that the big named girls don't want to seem to do (facial's, anal and stuff like that).

The best performance award in this video goes to JR Carrington. She has a nice outdoor scene with Nick. Her other two scenes are short and intertwined with Chasey's.

Asia Carrera- She is hot in this movie. She takes on Marc Wallice and her fellatio technique is superb. Also, a decent sex scene. She and Chasey go mano-a-mano onstage at the end also. The only other scene is at the beginning where Marc Wallice does Brittany Andrews onstage while Felicia does her too.

What I like most about this movie is Chasey Lain in her bikini. She looks sensational. So do the others. It's a beautiful cast of women, and they are scantilly clad throughout.

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