Chasey Lain in Domination

As seems to always be the case, Chasey Lain looked stunning wearing some sexy, semi-dominatirx outfits, yet it wasn't quite enough to truly transform her into Mistress Chasey .... But it was a great movie, just the same.

In the first scene Chasey is wearing a black lace outfit, then trips and services Nick East on the stairs of their palatial estate. There is defintly some great oral action here and it's easy to see why Chasey became such a star after this movie was released. Although the scene doesn't end with a facial, it's quite close and she does lick his cock clean. Surely a super start to what turns out to be a GREAT movie.

In the next scene, you find Chasey telling her ex, played by Alex Sanders to ravish his new girlfriend (played by Vanessa Chase). The scene processes to an anal fuck and ends with a ever so hot a gooey facial. Next we get a nice lesbian scene where Chasey is wearing a black harness of sorts, which make her ever so hot breasts look even better. In the foruth scene Barbara Doll in a hot dominatirix outfit, does Nick East gain and the scene ends with a facial.

In the fifth and final scene of the movie we get the lovely Chasey Lain in a very nice gold chain top with golden panties to match. She takes on both Nikole Lace and Tom Bryon. Nikole does most of the action but at the end Chasey once again gets quite close to a facial.

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