Chasey Lain in Deep Inside Chasey Lain

This Chasey Lain DVD is definitely a must-have! EVERY scene features Chasey Lain in a great collection with her doing some of her best work, and there is 4 hours of footage! Of course on this compilation, there is no story line, just hot sex featuring one of the most gorgeous girls to grace the Earth.

Chasey has a wide variety of encounters with both other girls, including Jeanna Fine, Sindee Coxx, Jill Kelly, and Melanie Stone, to guys, featuring Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Vince Voyeur, and of course Rocco Siffredi.

The movie is sectioned off into 3 parts. First, “Awesome Chasey” shows Chasey with a bunch of co-stars and tons of sexual dynamics showing off her limber body. “Right in the Mouth” shows Chasey in a ton of scenes giving fantastic blow jobs. Lastly, “Club Chasey” shows Chasey doing erotic dances and stripping, and moving in fantastic ways that would get any couple turned on real fast.

Vivid clearly delivers with this movie. Not only is Chasey an amazing performer, with incredible sexual acrobatics put into all of her work, but all the scenes are very tasteful. Vivid proves they are still on top and a class act.

The DVD also includes previews to “Budapest Diary,” “Femme 2,” and “Vivid Raw #2” among others. There is a nice slideshow and web information as well.

The only problem this DVD seems to have is when transferring old film clips onto DVD, there is some quality loss for a few of the scenes, yet for a huge majority of the film everything is fantastic, and I don’t mean JUST the quality. Chasey Lain is absolutely stunning both in looks and her performances, and I couldn’t imagine a better DVD than this collection for any fan of Chasey, or anyone else for that matter.

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