Chasey Lain in Chasin' Pink 3: 911

This all girl video is part 3 of 6 in Chasey's lesbian series known as Chasin' Pink. A series of movies about beautiful girls who loves to eat pussy .... oh yah!!!! This particular title stars Chasey Lain, Alexandria Silk, Inari Vachs, Kobe Tai, Ember Haze and Brooke Ashley.

In the first scene Chasey Lain plays an EMT and is called to a house of hot girls to get a pussy out of a tree and oh what a hot pussy it is. No popular strap ons in the sex part of this scene but the three girls do have a nice outside pussy eating fest with atleast a couple of nice dildo shots.

The next scene starts with Chasey in a helicopter rushing tot he scene of another "pink" emergency. This time she must save a firefighter by putting her in the helicopter and removing her clothes. Wow, what live saving techniques Chasey has. :) Anyway, once the firefighters clothes are off, Chasey gets totally turned on and removes her clothes as well. Then one thing leads to another and the two girls get it on in a helicopters. Sex in a helicopter ... now this is unique and sex with Chasey Lain @ that. But to top it all of chasey Lain ass fucks this girl with a big fat dildo. Without a doubt a great and unique scene.

In the next scene a drowning girl is saved from the pool with the most unique version of mouth to mouth I've ever seen. Although Chasey doesn't appear in this scene it's still not half bad.

The next scene stats off with Chasey teaching a CPR class to about 10 girls and it gets a little out of hand. Instead of pairing off to practice their breathing, they exchange pussy eating techniques instead.

This was a nice lesbian orgy scene however I personally thought it would have been more believable if they would have led into it a tiny bit slower and if they would have left out the dildos. The girls were at a CPR class, were in the hell did they get all those dildos? But hey, it is a fuck flicks so what the hell. :)

In the final scene Chasey is called to the scene of a car accident and must rush to save Kobe Tai from sure death (if her car explodes). The rush of fear turns them both on and Chasey and Kobe can't keep their hands off themselves in the ambulance. Yes, first sex in a helicopter, now sex in an ambulance.

Guess Kobe wasn't to hurt in the accident because she does one hell of a job eating Chasey's pussy in this scene. Wow, what a great ending to an already great video.