Chasey Lain in Chasin' Pink

Chasey Lain stars as a police sergeant in this newest series of lesbian flicks created by Chasey herself. This movie is just over an hour in length and stars some heavy hitters such as Tia Bella, Asia Carrera, Jill Kelly, Felicia and a ton of other hot girls. As for the story, Chasey's out to lick crime and of course those who commit it! In the video we follow the lovely Chasey on some UN-routine police calls with the lesbian parody of "COPS" from those law abiding folks at Vivid.

This is the first in a line of 4 videos with the same name. In in we follow Chasey Lain and Felicia on patrol in the same format that we often see from TV's "COPS" but with much more action, and in this movie you'll get plenty of it!

You will see Chasey putting the squeeze on quite a few folks including the infamous "Panty Gang" and a naughty traffic offender, played by the blonde goddess Jill Kelly. Chasey and Jill are raging hot in this scene. Chasey takes Jill on the roof, the windshield and then finishes up on the hood of her police cruiser. However one of the best scenes is when we get to check out a domestic dispute involving two very beautiful girls that are guilty of using their toys with reckless endangerment. And of course we have to see how Felicia handles two suspected streetwalkers. That's surely a scene you won't want to miss!

With a ton of toys and naughty girls everywhere, I would have to say this video wasn't that bad. Especially if you are into seeing excessively beautiful girls running around naked and eating pussy all of the time. :)

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