Chasey Lain in Chasey Loves Rocco

The first in a line of very popular videos which revolve around porn stud, Rocco Siffredi. Rocco plays a wealthy visitor to California, looking for a way to spend his cash. Since he's in Hollywood, the movies seem to be the most logical place to start. In that pursuit, he goes into the office of a movie producer (played by Marc Wallace), who's busy telling the aspiring young actress that she's not quite ready to play the lead role.

I suppose in an effort to convince Marc he is wrong, she orders him to fuck her. She bends over his desk and take a major pussy pounding and then Marc comes on her breasts.

Since Marc has been feeling the pressure of not delivering a product his financial backers are satisfied with, he gladly turns to Rocco and his major stash of cash for help.

New we see Marc's ex-wife, Chasey Lain keeping herself busy by entertaining starlet Jeanna Fine. This scene was so hot and well done, with a fire I haven't seen in either of the girls in quite some time. The scene is so hot, that even the slightest admirers of Chasey Lain, will soon be major fans!

Rocco then goes to try and get Chasey Lain to produce their movie, while at the same time Marc's current wife is at home screwing the pool guy. The wife, Caroll Der Bois, is a very eager cock sucker, with the one and only Bobby Vitale providing the meat. Although she's not much of a big named star, she does one hell of a job making Bobby satisfied!

After leaving the script with Chasey, Rocco soon finds out that it's not making a movie she has on her mind. Although she starts out as the aggressor, it doesn't stay that way for long. Rocco tosses Chasey on the bed with such passion, you immediately know the scene of all sex scenes is about to be played out before your eyes.

He sticks his tongue up her ass, then she sucks his cock and I must say, never before have I seen Chasey perform with such realism. It seems Chasey and Rocco were a perfect sexual match. There were genuine sparks between the two that could hardly be contained.

After such a magical love making scene with pure eroticism at it's best, it immediately takes you to Jeanna Fine taking her turn with Rocco. Again, you can feel the heat. Rocco it seems is a man lusted after by many starlets and it comes across well on the screen. Although Rocco and Chasey had a major sexual energy that could hardly ever be matched, Jeanna Fine did her best to take second place with a nasty facial taking place at the end.

This video rates a scorching hot 4 stars with me! A must have for any Chasey Lain fan. It's a rare and unique opportunity to watch Chasey go at it with a man you can so obviously tell she truly wants to be with.

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