Now you can have your very own Chasey Lain
AIM Buddy Icons and Desktop Wallpaper!!

For you AIM users out there, enjoy your own Perfect Chasey animated AIM buddy icons. Just RIGHT CLICK the image and select SAVE PICTURES AS and save it to your computer (remember where you saved it at). Then go into AIM preferences to add the buddy icon you want.

If you want to change a wallpaper on your desktop to one of our special "Chasey Lain" version, just click on the screen size of your choice and when the image downloads, click on the picture with the right mouse button and choose "Set As Wallpaer".

800x600 :: 1024x768

800x600 :: 1024x768

Above is a sample of what it will look like when you are finished

Again, select your screen size of your computer. Click on the link, download the photo, RIGHT click on the image and then select SET AS WALLPAPER ;-) Don't know what your screen size is? Simply right click on your desktop then select "properties". Now flip the tabs at the top to the one called settings. At the bottom of that page it will say what size you have your screen area set at. 1024 by 768 is most common but now you will know for sure.