It's been many years since Chasey began her adult film career and in that time she has blessed us with hundreds of orgasms and blow jobs.  Chasey began her career as most starlets do, as an exotic dancer when she met a pornstar named Alexis DeVell. Alexis knew Chasey's good looks would help her go far in films and told Chasey to go for the big time which is exactly what she did.  Chasey's gorgeous features almost immediately landed her work with Wicked Pictures, and stardom soon awaited. In 2002, Chasey Lain was named AVN magazine's top 50 porn stars of all time.

Chasey Lain was born Tiffany Anne Jones on December 7, 1971 in in Newport, North Carolina. Chasey was grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida on December 7th 1971 (not 1965 like commonly reported) and is barely 5 feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds with a tiny 23 inch waist and an amazing 36D breasts.  It is commonly reported that Chasey is much taller than she actually is so when asked Chasey said "Yes I am shorter than people report but with my heals on I am about 5 foot 6, so that is probably where they are getting it from.

Chasey's sex scenes are always quite sensual and she seems to favor oral sex in particular.  Although Chasey's newest titles don't feature her in that down and dirty, pure nasty sex most hardcore stars get famous for, you can find a little of that in her earlier work like "Submission", where she does get a load of cum sprayed all over her tits.

Chasey had been making movies since 1994 and started by working for Wicked Pictures.  Her first film,"The Original Wicked Woman" may be the first before and after boob job film -- she got hers done during shooting -- which adds a very interesting 'touch' to the film itself.   Later that next year she moved over to Vivid Video.

Years later Chasey was asked why she so quickly jumped ship from Wicked to Vivid and she said "It's not that Wicked treated me bad.  It was nothing like that at all.  Back then Wicked didn't do contracts and Vivid offered me one.  There was no way to know what my future was going to be like with Wicked when they weren't willing to commit to anything and Vivid was.  And well, Vivid is the class act of porn.  No other company commits the money and effort that Vivid does to further a star's career.  When the opportunity arose for me to get a contract with Vivid, how could I say no?"

Her first movie for Vivid was "White Wedding", which is a quirky little movie about Chasey trying to decide who she is going to be with, her fiance, the best man or the maid of honor.  In the end, she does them all!  Why decide when you don't have to? :)  During her time at Vivid Chasey made so many great movies, it would be hard to pick a favorite but sales wise "Chasey Loves Rocco" and "House on Chasey Lain" are two really hot sellers.

Chasey eventually went on to develop her own line of movies called "Chasin' Pink".  Although produced and published under the Vivid name, Chasey actually did some of the writing and directing and played a part in casting as well.  There are currently 6 volumes in the "Chasin' Pink" line which are all lesbian flicks by the way.  Chasey had the most to do with the work in 1 through 4 and then took some time off to have her son (Thomas) and about two years later came back for #5 and #6 which was in April of 2001.  Upon her return we asked Chasey what she was going to be doing and she said "I'm not back at work just yet.  Right now I'm really working on toning up my body for another round of lip smacking lesbian action for a new round of movies guaranteed to melt your VCR!".  Chasey also went on to say that she will be providing a host of new girls with sexual ecstasy that's never been captured on film and finished with, "All I can say is that if you thought you saw hot girl/girl action before - well, you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Chasey Lain has become a mega star in the last ten years appearing in everything from the Howard Stern show, TV shows and movies. She appeared as the dorm-room seductress in the Spike Lee's Movie, "He Got Game", as well as the movie "Orgazmo" a movie from South Park co-creator Trey Parker (where she plays the role of a porn star) and she even appeared in an episode of HBO's "Tale From The Crypt" called "Demon Knight" (all of which you can preview at Amazon by simply clicking on the name of the movie).

The question isn't what is Chasey doing, it's what hasn't she done? There is even a song about Chasey called "The Ballad of Chasey Lain" by the Blood Hound Gang.  The lyrics are:

Dear Chasey Lain
I wrote to explain
I'm your biggest fan
I just wanted to ask
Can I eat your ass?
Write back as soon as you can


You've had a lot of dick
Had a lotta dick
I've had a lotta time
Had a lotta time
You've had a lotta dick Chasey
But you ain't had mine

Dear Chasey Lain
I wrote to complain
Ya never wrote me back
How could I ever eat
Your ass when ya treat
Your biggest fan like that?

(repeat chorus)

Dear Chasey Lain
I wrote to constrain
This letter is my last
As your biggest fan I must demand
You let me eat your ass

(repeat chorus)

There have been many ugly rumors to surface about Chasey over the past few years.  Most of which revolve around drug use and prostitution.  A popular porn gossip site posted reports about Chasey Lain turning tricks for $100 and various arrests for drug above and child abuse/endangerment relating to her drug addiction.  These rumors are 100% false.  It would have only taken a few moments to confirm these claims if they really wanted to try but it seems these kind of stories are what his site are famous for.  Well luckily this site isn't like that.  I've worked hard to find out the truth in not just one or two stories but all that I could find.  Some of it may not be all pretty but atleast it's the truth.

It all began in 1999 when Chasey went away.  Rumors aside, it turned out that Chasey was pregnant with her son Thomas.  She made one apperance on the Howard Stern show of which they mistakenly called her Chasey Lane instead of Chasey Lain.  Chasey told her fans on the show that she has done everything there is to do with men and for now atleast would only be performing on camera with women.  Just before all of this, she started working on her movies "Chasin' Pink".  

My secret insider sources tell me in reality Chasey wanted to retire but Vivid was able to convince her to stay and just do lesbian only flicks of which she can help write and direct.  Chasey did make 4 of these titles before her pregnancy and then took about two years off being a mom.  It was during this time off that rumors started to stir.  Many claimed that Chasey was away due to heavy drug use.  The first report came out in March of 2000 when Chasey cancelled her three-day show at the Spearmint Rhino Club.  In reality, Chasey did cancel her scheduled appearance but this is very common.  Just a few months before Jenna Jameson cancelled her show at the very same club.  

In April of 2001 it was reported that Chasey Lain was in jail.  The report said something like the cops showed up on a domestic violence call and found Chasey beaten up and drugged out so both her and her boyfriend were arrested.  They went on to claim that Chasey looked horrible, like a crack whore and that the abuse from her boyfriend covered her entire body.  That very day the report came out Chasey just so happened to be in the Vivid offices and Kelli from EroticVideos.com was telling her contact at Vivid of what she was reading.  That Vivid executive (at the request of Miss Lain) picked up a polaroid camera and a copy of the newspaper for that day, took a picture proving she was in fact there on that specific date and that she didn't look anything like what the reports said of her.  The picture was sent via fed-ex to Kelli (of EroticVideos.com) which confirmed the reports as a lie.  Chasey was not only not beaten but looked amazing.  (Kelli of Erotic Videos.com promised to get me a scanned copy of this photo to post at this site at a later date so I will let you know when I get it up).

Chasey was asked at this time about her future plans of which time she reported she would be returning to Vivid for a little bit of work which included atleast two full movies (Chasin' Pink #5 and #6) but did not have plans at that time to return full time to adult films.  She spent a few weeks working on toning up her body and then went over for the photo shoot for the box cover of Chasin' Pink 5.  As you can see for yourself by the image to the left she looks more than fine.

Now on top of the photographic evidence from Kelli and Vivid, I also got lucky when a friend from New York gave me a call one day on his cell. This is a guy I've known for about 10 years and not only did he see her but also talked to her.  She wasn't strung out on drugs, wasn't bruised up.  He said she looked great.  This all took place in late January of 2001.  A time at which those horrid news sites were reporting Chasey was so drugged up she didn't know her name. Well after this ordeal I know for sure it was a lie.  Actually here is how the conversation with my friend who ran into her went.

Billy:  Why did you not tell me Chasey was so short?   ME:  HUH?   Billy:  I just ran into Chasey Lain.  I didn't think it was her at first, she was so short.  I always thought she was tall.   ME:  You sure it was her?   Billy:  Yes!  We talked.  I went up to her and asked her for her autograph, she was so cool about it too. ME:  What was she doing?  What did she look like?  Did she look ok?  Billy: She was just walking down the street.  Nobody was with her. I think she was shopping.  She had on blue jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. Oh and she had her hair up in a pony tail.  ME: How the hell did you know it was her in the first place?  Billy: It was her face.  She looks just like she does on camera.  I couldn't believe it!  ME:  Did she say anything?  Billy :  No, I didn't really get much of a chance to talk to her. She gave me her autograph, said she wasn't really considering going back to making movies right now, just doing a few special appearances for video stores and dance clubs and went on. She was very polite and pleasant.  It was nothing like I was expecting.  I had always heard she was such a stuck up bitch.  ME:  ~laughs~  Well that's what you get for listening to gossip.  

So are the stories about Chasey being a crack head whore true? Of course not!  She may not be the queen of responsibilty, but what starlet is?  Chasey has been in the adult film business a long time and is ready now to relax and enjoy time with her son.  There is no big scandal to that.  I personally think it's just jealous little wanna be's spreading these horrid lies about Chasey. It's kind of sad but in the end Chasey is doing what makes her happiest, she's spending time with her son.  Can we really begrudge her for that? Chasey has told us that she will make the occasional dance appearance but she thinks her days of making movies are over.  She said it was time for her to move on.  I hope you all join me in wishing Chasey the best of luck in life and a world of happiness.  She has brought us all so much pleasure, we can only wish the same for her.

Chasey has a very facinating family history, that most people aren't aware of. Her uncle serves as chief of police and her mother's father was some big grand poobah with the Masons. She also said that her grandmother was an Eastern Star and that she was raised in the Masonic Lodge. But even more interesting is that Chasey Lain's great, great grandfather is Henry Clay. Henry Clay (April 12, 1777 June 29, 1852) was a leading American statesman and orator who represented Kentucky in both the House of Representatives and Senate. He was the founder and leader of the Whig Party and a leading advocate of programs for modernizing the economy (such as factories, canals, railroads and banks) and a Senate committee chaired by John F. Kennedy named Clay as one of the five greatest Senators in American history.